Sean Reyboz


Design and development of the Pikoom student agency's website.

  • JavaScript
  • Website
  • UI/UX Design


This website was designed and built for the Pikoom Student Agency, as part of an academic year-long project.

This ”Student Agency“ was made out of 30 students with various and complimentary skills, from design, though communication to programming.

I was a member of this agency myself, along with 3 other developers that helped me built this website.


As an agency, we were required to be present on the internet. The first step was to open social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

But we also needed a website to present the agency: our values, our goals, our members as well as all the projects we had been working on throughout the year.


In this project, I basically had two tasks: design and build the website.

First, I designed a low fidelity version of what I imagined the website should look like, along with other designers.

Once our Figma prototypes were somewhat polished, we set up an agency meeting to vote for one of the designs to be used.

In the end, my design was selected by the majority of the members.

The next step was naturally to build the website.


Before building the website, all the agency developers, including myself, gathered and discussed the different technologies to use, and how we would split the work load between each of us.

After deciding which component(s)/page(s) everyone had to build, we set up a Git repository to easily collaborate and manage code history.

After that, we each worked on our assigned chunk of the website and committing the changed regularly to the GitHub repo, so that other people could keep track of what had been completed, and what remained to be built.

I personally took care of the markup and styling of the landing page, as well as the error page.
I also took care of implementing the mouse follower and the page transition with barba.js.

Key Takeaways

I really enjoyed working on this website for multiple reasons. The first one being that it truly meant something to me to be able to design and eventually build a website that would represent our whole student agency.

In addition, this project allowed me to express and develop my creativity during the design process, and I had the freedom to experiment with different things including colors, gradients, layouts, etc.

Finally, I really liked to be able to use an interesting JavaScript library (barba.js) to build cool page transition, as well as a custom mouse follower.

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